QR Code Steiner Veteran Monument

Personalized 14" x 10" stainless steel includes qr code tribute with soldiers name, American flag, military branch, Gone But Not Forgotten, dates of birth and death, and stars representing the number of times served overseas.

Each monument comes with one set of QR code dog tags. Additional personalized qr dog tags may be ordered. 

The monuments are designed for display indoors or outdoors. Each monument has mounting holes in it's base to be screwed or bolted to solid flat substrate.

This monument includes a FREE online tribute without ads and any future charges.

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Our stainless steel monuments, known as Steiner Veteran Memorials (named after the Late SGT Andrew Steiner US Army) are designed and produced in Green Bay, WI for fallen soldiers throughout the USA. Each monument is created with your online memorial (free with purchase of monument) to preserve the memory of your hero for future generations

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Online Tribute Only

This option is if you're only ordering an online tribute.

Fill out the form with as much info as possible to preserve the memories, stories and legacy of your fallen hero. If you have questions or need assistance please contact us via our contact page.

Tributes will be accessible from the web as well as the QR Code Steiner Veteran Memorial Monument, QR Code Dog Tags and QR Code Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Bracelets.

This is THE LOWEST PRICE you will pay for an online tribute without ads or any addition future costs!

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Our online memorials are AD FREE, online for the life of the internet and only a one time payment of $29.99!

See an example of our online memorials here

If you purchase a Dog Tag or Bracelet package our online memorials are only $19.99 and still AD FREE, online for the life of the internet and there will NEVER be a recurring charge!

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QR Code Dog Tags

These qr code dog tags come in small and large sizes. They are produced in lots of 6, 12, 18 or 24. Additional amounts will be handled via special order. Please contact us and tell us about your desired to purchase (25 or more) per soldier.

Each set comes on chain with silencers.

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Our Dog Tags come with one QR code dog tag as well as a memorial dog tag per set. Both our dog tags and hypoallergenic stainless steel bracelets are sold in sets of 6, 12, 18, and 24. Custom orders beyond 24 also available.

QR codes also available on memorial bracelets. 
All dog tags and bracelets include option of online memorial.   

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We aspire to honor and remember all military personnel through our products and services. We serve the families of the fallen with integrity, attention to quality and innovation.

100% Made in America